British Non-IELTS Scholarships 2024 for International Students

You Can Study for free in UK Without IELTS Need

Scholarships to study at UK universities for free in the academic year 2023–2024 are now announced by all UK universities for international students. Those who are selected to study in the United Kingdom will be provided with free study visas, travel, tuition, and housing at British universities.

There is no denying that the quality of education in the United Kingdom is exceptional. The United Kingdom is widely recognized as the intellectual and academic hub of the globe because of universities like Oxford and Cambridge.

IELTS Requirement for Admissions in Great Britain: Optional

Students from all over the world have the same desire of studying in the United Kingdom, but many are put off by the rigorous English Language Proficiency test requirements. IELTS is the most generally recognized English Language Test certificate in Britain, although the following exams are also accepted for British Scholarships and admissions if an applicant does not have IELTS:

  • PTE
  • Password English Language Test
  • CAEL
  • Cambridge English Language Tests

What do British Scholarships Generally Cover?

Scholars awarded British government funding can count on receiving support from their sponsored British universities or organizations in the form of the following.

  • Access to all academic facilities in the UK
  • Free of cost or discounted stay in Britain
  • Air travel expense coverage with a health insurance plan
  • Personal expense (Stipend) allocation
  • No cost or discounted British Education

No IELTS Scholarship Admissions in British Universities:

The following UK institutions welcome international students without requiring them to take either the IELTS or TOEFL as a condition of receiving a scholarship.

1# Aston University, Birmingham Scholarships

Highly qualified students from any country can apply for a two-year full tuition MBA scholarship at Aston. The scholarship entitles the recipient to a 50% annual tuition discount for a total of two years.

The Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship is awarded to an international student pursuing a Master’s degree who has excelled academically throughout their undergraduate studies. Aston University has been granted a one-time award of $10,880.

In addition, the university offers the Global Ambassador Scholarship to its most exceptional postgraduate students so that they can represent the university abroad. Scholarship recipients receive a cash award of $4,080. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is not required for candidates pursuing internationally recognized certificates or degrees that are comparable to a UK Degree in English Language.

Courses beginning in September 2023 have varying application deadlines depending on the round. As of July 31, 2023, the first submission date for applications to Aston University in Birmingham.

2# Portsmouth University, England Scholarships

Undergraduate international students can apply for a scholarship through the Vice Chancellor’s Office for Global Development. Annually, the scholarship is worth $2,175. A further one-year scholarship for international students is the Chancellor’s Global Academic Merit Scholarship. As part of the scholarship, you will get $6,800 in your first year.

As an alternative, pre-sessional English classes are available. Financial aid is available in the form of various scholarship programmes offered by the university. The SEGG Scholarship reduces the tuition cost of a Master’s degree by half for the first year of study.

Deadline: 4 July 2023.

3# The University of Plymouth, England Scholarships

Scholarships for international students with exceptional academic records are available from Plymouth University. These benevolent scholarships award a fee reduction of up to 50% as its Award. A €2,000 scholarship is available to international students enrolled in a Master’s degree programme at Plymouth University.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is no longer required for admission to the University of Plymouth. The School of Psychology is pleased to award a Platinum Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship to a deserving international student pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology. Plymouth University offers a €4,000 scholarship.

4# University of Bolton Scholarships

As an alternative to IELTS, the University of Bolton now provides Pre-sessional English Language courses and lessons for overseas students who want not to take the exam.

Awards like the Northern Powerhouse Kayan Scholarship are ideal for college students of all levels, as they cover the cost of tuition and provide a living stipend of $10,879 a year.

The Northern powerhouse Racingstar Scholarship is a renewable, full-tuition waiver for undergraduates at a Northern California university for a period of three years. Recipients will also receive a yearly stipend of $10,879 to help with living expenses.

Deadline: 1 June 2023.

5# Northumbria University Scholarships

The Northumbria Global Scholarships are intended for prospective undergraduate students from outside the United Kingdom who are financially needy and/or very talented. Up to one hundred winners will each get $4,080 from the award.

Private Scholarships at Northumbria University are awarded to undergraduates studying there. The scholarship will cover all of your college expenses up to $1,360 and can be renewed for up to three further years. English Language Preparation Courses would be mandatory for Students Who Do Not Wish to Take the IELT or SELTS

Deadline: 30 July 2023. 

6# Swansea University Scholarships

Funding for outstanding international graduate students is available through the International Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship. Outstanding and brilliant students might win a scholarship worth $8,160 per year for two years. Applicants without a formal offer from the university will not be considered.

Undergraduate students who demonstrate high academic achievement may be eligible to receive a $4,080 reward from the International Excellence Scholarship programme. Undergraduates can also participate in the International Merit Scholarship programme. The money value of the prize is $2,720.

If applicants do not intend to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), they can take admission in a pre-sessional English language course through Swansea’s English Language Training Services.

7# Sheffield Hallam University Scholarships

Due to the fact that the University no longer requires the IELTS, it has risen to the top of the priority lists of prospective international students. Students who prefer to forego taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) can take advantage of the university’s English Language Program.

The Vice Chancellor’s Award is given to outstanding students at all academic levels. The item is worth $4,079 in total. Students studying in the EU or EEA are eligible to receive the grant. Chevening Scholarships, Transform Together Scholarships, and other external scholarships are available.

Deadline: June 2023.

8# British Chevening Scholarships Scholarships

Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom offers international students Chevening Scholarships. Graduate students with a 4.0 or above GPA from their undergraduate institutions are eligible for this award.

The complete cost of tuition, a stipend each month, a round-trip plane ticket, additional housing costs, visa fees, and the cost of the COVID-19 immunization are all covered by the scholarship. Candidate must be able to communicate well in English; however, proof of IELTS or other English competence is not required.

9# University of Sussex Scholarships

Students in the colleges of engineering and business are eligible to apply for the Chancellor’s International Scholarship. Foreign students from outside the European Economic Area or the European Union are welcome to apply. If an applicant wants to avoid taking the International English Language Testing System or the International Certificate of English Language Proficiency, they must first enroll in and successfully complete the pre-sessional English language courses.

This annual prize is valued at $6,799 and is available to undergraduate students. This will last for a period of 3 years.

Deadline: 1 August 2023.

The Sussex Graduate Scholarship is awarded to international students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement. It’s worth $4,079 and is intended for graduate students pursuing a master’s degree. The length of time is stated as 2 years.

Deadline: 30 September 2023.

10# London Southbank University Scholarships

The International Merit Scholarship is a prestigious grant of $5,440 given to outstanding college and graduate students from all around the world. It’s possible to receive this prize for up to three consecutive years. Undergraduate and graduate students can also apply for the ONCAMPUS London South Bank Merit Scholarships. The London Southbank University award entails a 25% decrease in tuition costs. BUTEX Scholarships and the Benjamin A. Gilman International Grant are two other external scholarship opportunities.

If an applicant has passed English language or literature at the O/A/S level with at least a C grade, they are exempt from taking the IELTS. This is the case at London Southbank University. Proof of English proficiency is sufficient if the student has completed secondary school in an English medium school where assessment and instruction are conducted in English. There is also the possibility of taking an English language course before the start of the semester.

11# Bristol University Scholarships

Bristol Global Scholarships are available to both undergraduate and graduate students. The generous award has a value between $6,800 and $13,600 and will be paid out over a 3-year period.

Scholarships for Tomorrow’s Leaders are available to current graduate students at participating institutions. The winning students will receive a full or partial tuition waiver in the amount of $6,800 to $13,600. Another opportunity to get financial aid is through the Think Big Scholarship programme, which is open to both undergraduates and graduate students. For up to three years, recipients of the Think Big Scholarship can receive a total of $4,080.

To avoid taking the IELTS, applicants can enroll in the University’s pre-sessional English Language classes.

Deadline: 28 June 2023.

12# GREAT UK Scholarships

Master’s level students are eligible for the GREAT awards. You won’t have to worry about medical bills when participating in this programme, and you’ll also get free healthcare and a one-time use of a round-trip plane ticket, plus a yearly tuition discount of $13,599.

Applicants with secondary education or undergraduate degree in an institute with the English Language as the principal medium of instruction or assessment do not need to present any competence proof.

Applicants from outside the EEU can submit their applications. Applicants are expected to have relevant job experience and a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate discipline.

13# Rhodes Scholarships 2024

Applicants from all around the world, both at home and abroad, can compete for one of 100 Rhodes Scholarships awarded each year. Applicants who either do not meet the English language competency criteria or who would choose to forego IELTS might take pre-sessional English Language Courses.

The Rhodes Scholarship is intended for college or university graduates. The scholarship will pay for full tuition for either one or two years, plus a monthly stipend to help with living expenses, transportation, and medical care.

14# British Commonwealth Scholarships

Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office offers British Commonwealth Scholarships. Those who have completed secondary school or an undergraduate degree programme where English was used as the language of teaching and assessment are exempt from providing evidence of English competence.

Master’s and doctoral students are eligible for this award, and its length is variable. The substantial scholarship provides full coverage of tuition, flights, and study abroad scholarships in addition to a monthly stipend of $1,475.

Engr Razia jee

Engr. Razia Jee is a distinguished senior engineer at Saudi Aramco, having achieved her MS and PhD through fully funded international scholarships. Beyond her technical contributions, she passionately mentors students on how to secure scholarships for studying abroad. With a commitment to fostering global education opportunities, Razia combines her extensive experience and insights to guide aspiring scholars towards achieving their academic and professional goals.

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