Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Fund Prgramme 2024

Are you an aspiring researcher looking to make a significant impact in your field? The Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Fund might be your golden ticket! Launched in 2012 with backing from The ALBORADA Trust, this fund aims to foster and deepen collaborations between researchers at the University of Cambridge and their African counterparts.

Here’s everything you need to know about this opportunity

What Does the Fund Support?

The Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Fund awards competitive grants ranging from £1,000 to £20,000, also it covers a range of activities:

  • Research expenses: Things like reagents, field equipment, and other essential materials.
  • Travel: Costs for research-related travel between Cambridge and Africa.
  • Training initiatives: Establishing workshops or courses in Africa to transfer knowledge and skills.

Who Can Apply for Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Fund?

To be eligible, you must be involved in post-doctoral research or higher at either the University of Cambridge or an affiliated institution like the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute or the British Antarctic Survey.

How to Apply for Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Fund?

The application process is straightforward but requires attention to detail:

  1. Register: If you’re based at Cambridge and have an email address ending with,, or similar, register here ( to start your application.
  2. Invite a Partner: Once registered, you can invite an Africa-based researcher to collaborate on the application.
  3. Complete the Application Together: Both partners can log in, update, and finalize the application collaboratively online.
  • Deadline for Applications: Make sure to submit your application by 12th September 2024.

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