Carnegie Trust Undergraduate Tuition Fee Grant in Scotland

For many international students, the dream of obtaining a university education can be hindered by financial constraints. Understanding this challenge, The Carnegie Trust offers a fantastic opportunity to alleviate this burden through its Undergraduate Tuition Fee Grants. Here’s your guide on how to determine if you’re eligible and how to successfully apply for this scholarship.

Are You Eligible Carnegie Trust Undergraduate Scholarship?

The grants are specifically designed for:

  • Students who started a university course but had to withdraw due to financial difficulties, health issues, or personal circumstances.
  • Asylum seekers or those with limited leave to remain in the UK.
  • Students from low-income backgrounds who have completed part of their education in Scotland.

What Courses Qualify?

Your course should be an undergraduate program at any recognized Scottish university, such as the Universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow, or Edinburgh, including specialized institutions like the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland or Glasgow School of Art.

Grant Details

  • Amount: You can receive up to £1820 per year towards your tuition fees.
  • Availability: Around 250-300 grants are awarded each year.
  • Application Window: Closes on  December 1, 2024.

Application Process for Undergraduate Tuition Fee Grants

  1. Check Your Eligibility: Begin by using the eligibility checker on the Carnegie Trust website ( to see if you are likely to qualify.
  2. Fill Out the Application: If the checker indicates you’re eligible, proceed to the online application form. Be prepared to upload:
    • Documentation proving your eligibility (such as residency documents or school records).
    • Your university acceptance letter.
    • Financial documentation, like a recent P60 form or pay slips.
    • Have an unconditional offer or are already enrolled in a qualifying Scottish university course.

After You Apply

Once you submit your application, expect an email confirmation (check your spam too). The decision usually comes within two to three weeks.

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