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Documents Required for Chinese Government Scholarships 2024

Complete Set of Documents You Should Prepare for Your CSC Scholarship Application in 2024

Hello, my dedicated students! The time has come once again to submit your applications for the fully funded Chinese Government CSC Scholarships 2024, which is definitely a golden opportunity for many to study in China for free. If you think of starting your BS, MS or PhD degree in any of 275+ Chinese universities then you are going to save money by not appearing in any English language proficiency exam (Thanks for medium of instruction letter accepted in Chinese Universities🏫), and saving money for not paying your tuition fee (due to Chinese fully funded scholarships).

Money💵you’ll get on monthly basis if you win CSC Scholarship

Being selected for the CSC Scholarship to start master’s degree then the scholarship provides a monthly stipend of 💰3000 RMB/Yuan, and for those pursuing a PhD, itd be 💰3500 Yuan/month. However, if you are opting for bachelor degree in China by winning a CSC scholarship then you can expect 💰2500 RMB/month.

So now i’m here to guide you about the list of documents you’ll need to apply for any of the Chinese scholarships for the batch starting in September 2024:

Documents📄Required for CSC Fully Funded Scholarship (China):

Following documents will be required to apply for all or any of the Chinese government scholarships including China Scholarship Council’s CSC scholarship, ANSO, scholarship, Chinese university sponsored scholarships, Chinese provincial government scholarships. Some of these application documents are optional whereas some of those are mandatory and i am going to guide you about that below:

1# Passport & Passport Size Picture (White or Blue Background) – (Mandatory)

This is a proof of your identity and citizenship which is required to apply for a Chinese study visa and submit your applications for Chinese scholarship and Chinese university admission.

#2 Recommendation Letters📝(2) – (Mandatory)

Ideally written by your previous professor or associate professor vouching for your academic performance.

3# Police Clearance Certificate – (Mandatory)

This police character certificate is a document that states you have no criminal records and this document is not required in Chinese admission/scholarship applications but will be required when applying for a Chinese study visa.

#4 Foreigner Physical Examination Report(Mandatory)

This is a health card of applicant applying for Chinese scholarship and study visa which leads you to go through a physical check of your body in a nearby government hospital to be ascertain of this fact that you are mentally and physically fit to study in China and this cert is needed for Chinese VISA and admission applications.

5# Matric and Inter (FA/FSc) Certificate and DMC – (Optional)

Ensure they’re attested from the respective boards and only few Chinese universities would require this.

#6 Bachelor/Master Degree with Transcript – (Mandatory)

Required for Chinese scholarship/admission application submission as well as for study visa application.

7# MOFA (Foreign Office) Attestation of documents – (Mandatory for visa application)

Your educational documents must be attested for international use validity when applying for Chinese visa.

8# Notary Public Attestation – (Mandatory)

You will need two copy sets of your original admission/scholarship application documents which must be then notarized for sending these to university address.

#9 Write a convincing Study Plan 📃 – (Mandatory)

Detail your academic background, future aspirations, goals, and why you’re pursuing the particular course in China in your study plan.

10# CV for your scholarship application – (Optional)

I’ll highly recommend you to work on your CV by adding your research publications, academic records, patents records, and other achievements in your resume and as you apply for scholarship/admission in China. So therefore it is best to have a Chinese language translation of your resume as well. This CV will be needed to send via emails to the professors of Chinese Universities to request acceptance letters. And if you don’t know what an acceptance letter is then read on my 11th point below:

#11 Request Acceptance Letters from professors @ChineseUniversities – (Optional)

First, let’s delve into the significance of an acceptance letter when vying for scholarships at Chinese universities. An acceptance letter isn’t just a mere document; it’s a pivotal piece in the admissions process, especially for those pursuing research programmes (MS/PhD).

Once admitted @ChineseUniversity, you’ll be under the wing of a dedicated professor in China, steering your research journey. Given its importance, before even applying to a university, I strongly urge you to meticulously comb through faculty lists of prospective Chinese institutions. Why? To identify and connect with professors whose research aligns with yours.

Once you’ve identified these key individual professors, it’s crucial to approach them professionally. Draft an articulate email, attach your CV, and express your interest in having them as your academic supervisor. If the stars align and there’s an open spot in their lab for a student researcher, then you might just receive a much-coveted positive response: the acceptance letter. Remember, this document will be paramount when submitting your official admission application to the university. So, in essence, getting that acceptance letter is like paving a smoother road for your academic journey in China🎓🇨🇳.

Note: Boost your chances by reaching out to professors in your field of research interest. If they offer an acceptance letter, it significantly elevates the likelihood of your scholarship. However, remember, acceptance isn’t admission. Post-acceptance, you’ll have to formally apply to the university for both admission and the scholarship.

12# English/Chinese language Proficiency Certificate – (Mandatory)

Most Chinese universities accept a certificate from your last attended institute affirming that you studied that degree in English/Chinese language. Therefore if you have English/Chinese language proficiency cert and you are applying to a Chinese university that cash this cert then you’ll save money for not taking expensive language proficiency exams. However, for top-tier Chinese universities like Tsinghua or Peking University, an IELTS/TOEFL certificate might be mandatory.

13# Find Agency Number of Chinese University where you want to study

You will also be required to provide agency number of Chinese university where you are intended to study while filling out your China Scholarship Council’s CSC scholarship application form.

Engr Razia jee

Engr. Razia Jee is a distinguished senior engineer at Saudi Aramco, having achieved her MS and PhD through fully funded international scholarships. Beyond her technical contributions, she passionately mentors students on how to secure scholarships for studying abroad. With a commitment to fostering global education opportunities, Razia combines her extensive experience and insights to guide aspiring scholars towards achieving their academic and professional goals.


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