Graduate research scholarships 2025 at Macquarie University

Are you an aspiring researcher looking to deepen your academic pursuits? Macquarie University is excited to offer a variety of scholarships to help fuel your journey in higher education. Whether you’re just beginning your research career or looking to expand your doctoral studies, Macquarie has something to offer.

Read on to discover how you can benefit from these opportunities and make your academic dreams a reality!

Comprehensive Support Packages

The scholarships at Macquarie are designed to cover various aspects of student needs:

  • Tuition Fee Offset: Helps manage the cost of your tuition fees.
  • Living Allowance (Stipend): You receive a regular stipend to support your daily expenses.
  • Top-Up Living Allowance: Additional funds on top of the base stipend to help cover extra costs.
  • One-Off Payments: Certain scholarships offer lump sums for specific needs.
  • Overseas Health Cover and Visa Costs: For international students, essential costs like health insurance and visa fees are also considered.

Who Can Apply?

Macquarie’s scholarships cater to a wide range of students:

  • Domestic students can apply for the Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) and various combined Master of Research (MRes) and PhD programs.
  • Both domestic and international students are eligible for the Master of Research (second year) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) courses.

How to Apply for Graduate research scholarships

Here’s what you need to do:

Application Deadline for 2025 Scholarship Rounds

  • International Research Scholarship Round: July 31, 2024.
  • International Road to Research Scholarship: October 31, 2024.
  • Domestic Research Scholarship Rounds: October 31, 2024

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