Ireland Government Scholarship 2024-2025 by Irish Research Council for International Students

This article is going to be extremely useful for those international students who are aiming to score a fully funded scholarship abroad for completing their higher education starting from the class of 2024 and guess what?

The Government of Ireland is rolling out postgraduate scholarships 2024-2025 for all postgraduate programs under the Irish Research Council. So if you were dreaming of studying in Ireland or Europe? Well, then here’s your shot! I’ve penned down this article to guide you in prepping your Irish council scholarship application, so let’s dive in.

Why You Should Totally Consider the Ireland Government Postgraduate Scholarship 2024

The deal is pretty sweet because Irish research council scholarship offers a value of about €28,000 annually! Breaking it down: you get €19,000 as yearly stipend money, around €5,750 for your fees/non-EU expenses, and a cool €3,250 yearly for research funding.

So, What’s the Eligibility Criteria Set for International Students?

Students aiming for the 2024 Ireland Government Scholarship by the Irish Research Council, here’s what you need to know about the eligibility:

  1. Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number: There’s no age limit to apply, so whether you’re fresh outta undergrad or looking to switch careers, you’re in!
  2. You’ve Gotta Have Irish Connections: Be affiliated with an approved Irish higher education institution or research body.
  3. Speak Their Language: You can apply in either English or Irish. Other languages won’t make the cut.
  4. Strike Three, and You’re Out: If you’ve applied twice before and got a “no”, brace yourself, because this scholarship won’t be open for you a third time. And that rule still stands even if you’ve changed your school or research topic from the last time you tried.
  5. There Are Boundaries: Now, the Irish Research Council has some no-go zones when it comes to research. They won’t fund projects involving: Making babies via cloning, genetic tweaks to humans that can be passed down to future generations (with an exception for certain cancer treatments), creating human embryos just for research or getting stem cells, including using somatic cell nuclear transfer.
  6. Proficiency in either English or the Irish language.
  7. A compelling research proposal or study plan that tells them what you’re passionate about.
  8. Oh, and yeah, you gotta have your bachelor’s degree in the bag and with that you also need following:

Alright, How Do I Jump In? Application Process of Ireland Scholarship

The deadline to apply for Irish council postgrad scholarship 2024-2025 is October 5, 2023 so therefore all of those international students who want to start their postgrad course in 2024 must consider this opportunity seriously. Plus, here’s a bonus: the Irish Council is also dangling some job positions for postdoc fellows with an enticing funding of approximately €43,371 annually.

To throw your name in the hat, submit your application directly to any Ireland research center affiliated with the Irish Research Council. And here’s a pro tip: If you can impress a supervisor at Irisih research council affiliated research center then you will be given an acceptance letter by that professor which will then increase your chances of landing this Ireland government scholarship!

Once the decisions are made, the Irish Research Council will shout out the winners in April 2024. If you’re among the lucky ones, you’ll need to secure an Ireland study visa to kick off your classes by September 1, 2024.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on it and best of luck! 🍀📚🇮🇪.

Engr Razia jee

Engr. Razia Jee is a distinguished senior engineer at Saudi Aramco, having achieved her MS and PhD through fully funded international scholarships. Beyond her technical contributions, she passionately mentors students on how to secure scholarships for studying abroad. With a commitment to fostering global education opportunities, Razia combines her extensive experience and insights to guide aspiring scholars towards achieving their academic and professional goals.

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