Merit-Based Scholarships 2024 at The Shannon College of Hotel Management

Are you an ambitious international student looking to pursue a career in hotel management? The Shannon College of Hotel Management, part of the prestigious University of Galway, offers a fantastic opportunity to help you achieve your dreams through their merit-based scholarships. This guide aims to simplify your scholarship application process and get you ready to take on this exciting journey!

Are You Eligible for merit-based scholarships at Shannon College of Hotel Management ?

To be considered for a scholarship, you should:

  1. Non-EU Resident Status: Be a citizen and resident of a non-EU country.
  2. Secure an Admission Offer: Have either a conditional or firm admission offer for an undergraduate or master’s program at Shannon College, beginning in September 2024.
  3. Showcase Your Merit: A strong personal statement and your performance in the entrance interview will determine your eligibility.

What’s in the Scholarship?

The scholarship provides a partial waiver of your first-year tuition fees. It’s important to note that this benefit is applied directly to your tuition costs and is not given as cash.

Application Process

1# Get Your Offer: Before anything else, you need an offer to study for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program at The Shannon College of Hotel Management.

2# Fill Out the Scholarship Form: Once you have your offer, complete the Shannon College International Scholarship Application Form ( Attach a personal statement that highlights your achievements and aspirations.

3# Send Your Application: Email your form and personal statement to Joan Markham, the Admissions Officer, at [email protected].


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