MEXT Scholarship 2025-2026 Online Application Process (All Countries)

If you’re a student gearing up to apply for admission in Japanese Universities for next year and have dreams of diving into research while experiencing a new culture, then this MEXT Research Scholarships will be calling your name for their next 2025-2026 intake!

This article is going to be your ultimate guide to apply for one of Japan’s most prestigious scholarships, which covers tuition, provides a monthly stipend, and includes round-trip airfare. Ideal for students in a variety of academic fields, this scholarship offers a chance to immerse yourself in Japanese culture while pursuing your academic goals.

We’ll walk you through the eligibility criteria, application process, and preparation tips to enhance your chances of success.

Why choose MEXT Scholarship as an International Student?

The MEXT Scholarship, also known as the Monbukagakusho Scholarship, is a prestigious funding program sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT). It aims to foster international collaboration in education by inviting international students from around the world to study at higher education institutions in Japan. The program covers a wide range of disciplines and includes scholarships for undergraduate, research (graduate), teacher training, and Japanese studies.

What are the Benefits of Scholarships for International Students?

The MEXT Scholarship offers numerous benefits for students aiming to study in Japan:

  • Tuition Waiver: All tuition fees are covered, freeing you from financial worries related to education costs.
  • Monthly Stipend: You’ll receive a monthly allowance to help cover living expenses, allowing you to focus fully on your studies.
  • Travel Expenses: Round-trip airfare from your home country to Japan is included, facilitating your international travel.
  • Health Insurance: Comprehensive health coverage is provided, ensuring you stay healthy throughout your studies.
  • Cultural Experience: Studying in Japan under this scholarship also means immersing yourself in Japanese culture, and enriching your educational journey.

Who can apply for this Japanese Scholarship Opportunity?

To apply for the MEXT Scholarship 2025-2026, here are the essential criteria you need to meet.  For undergrad, you should be 17-25, with 12 years of education. Master’s applicants should be under 35 years of age with a Bachelor’s degree, and Ph.D. candidates need a Master’s degree.

Application Process for MEXT Scholarship 2025 batch

The application process for both MEXT undergraduate and research (postgraduate) scholarships is similar and routed through your home country’s Japanese embassy or consulate-general. Here’s a general guideline:

1# Check Eligibility: Browse the MEXT scholarship website ( to confirm your eligibility based on your nationality and desired field of study.

As part of the screening process, you may be required to take written exams that cover subjects relevant to your area of study, such as mathematics, English, and your specific field. To qualify for next year prepare yourself through past test question samples.

2# Required Documents:

Expect to submit a completed application form, academic transcripts, certificate of prospective/actual graduation, a research plan (for postgrads), a letter of recommendation, and a certificate of health. Requirements may vary slightly, so refer to your embassy/consulate’s guidelines for the definitive list.

3# Selection Process:

Applications are first screened by the embassy/consulate. Shortlisted candidates may face an interview or written test. The embassy/consulate then recommends qualified applicants to MEXT for final selection.

Once a supervisor is secured, you will need to finalize your admission to the Japanese university. This might involve additional applications directly to the university. After all these steps, if everything is in order, you will receive the final approval for your MEXT Scholarship. Once approved, start preparing for your move to Japan, including visa arrangements, accommodation, and travel plans.

Expected Deadline for 2025-2026 batch MEXT Scholarship

The application period will occur between April and May 2025 for the 2025-2026 session. Double-check the exact deadlines with your local Japanese embassy/consulate.

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