Monaco Scholarships 2024 for International Students

The Monaco Scholarship Program 2024 is presently accepting online applications for the next 2024-2025 academic year from students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, or Doctor of Philosophy degree at a university in Monaco. Here’s your best shot of a fully funded academic experience in glamorous Monaco.

Monaco, the world’s most densely populated country, is also well-known for its prestigious educational system. For the high-quality professional education offered, students travel from all over the world. Monaco has a population of 38,400 and covers an area of 2.1 km2.

With the exception of the International University of Monaco, Monaco has just eight additional institutions of higher learning. For the most part, students from other countries choose to study in Monaco because of the high quality of its business programmes and the low cost of its tuition. In addition, the proportion of racists in Monaco is quite low.

The Monaco Price Tag for College Students:

In Monaco, the expat community outnumbers the locals. Individuals are drawn to Monaco because of the abundance of available employment options. Because of this, the costs of basic materials and foodstuffs have increased. Living expenses in Monaco average over 6,000 Euros per month. The cost of going out to eat and to the club is astronomical.

Can You Work on your Study VISA in Monaco?

In keeping with the practice prevalent across Europe, students pursuing degrees in Monaco are permitted to work part-time while doing so. Living in Monaco is already incredibly costly. Students can pay for some or all of their tuition or living expenses with the help of part-time jobs.

English Language Requirement for Studying in Monaco: 

The official language of instruction at universities in Monaco is English. Even for its own citizens, Monaco is one of the minorities of countries that requires English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, DET, CAEL, etc. All classes are conducted in English. There is no need that a student takes a specific English proficiency test from the options provided.

Top Educational Institutions of Monaco:

There are a total of ten institutions of higher learning in Monaco. The International University of Monaco is the only higher education establishment in the principality (IUM). Other prestigious schools in Monaco include the Institut de Formation en Soins Infirmiers and the École Supérieure d’Arts Plastiques (IFSI -Nursing Training Institute).

Fully-funded Monaco Scholarships in 2024

You may submit an application for admission and a scholarship in 2024 to any of the following universities in Monaco:

1# Monaco Government Scholarship Grants:

Grants are available from the Monaco government’s Ministry of Youth, Education, and Sports for students planning to study abroad. Applicants must be over the age of eleven and be enrolled in secondary or tertiary education. Potential applicants should fall into one of the following categories:

  • They should be the dependants or children of the civil servants of Monaco.
  • Citizens of Monaco or should be the spouse of one.
  • They should be a Monegasque resident for 10 years or more.

2# International University of Monaco Scholarships:

The International University of Monaco (IUM) offers more scholarships than any other school in Monaco combined. Each award ranges from one thousand to five thousand euros. Merit is the sole criterion for awarding scholarships. Their monetary needs are not being considered. Companies can give out awards, and there are also awards for different countries.

Government loans are a major source of funding for many students’ education. Anyone seeking a scholarship should be prepared to demonstrate their academic prowess and their capacity for leadership. They must also agree to do their part to ensure the success of the university’s stated goals.

3# Study Awards by the Monaco Government:

This Monaco scholarship programme, known as the Study Awards by the Monaco Government, will provide two distinct types of awards:

  • The first prize is reserved for high school seniors studying in Monaco for a diploma. You can view the associated programmes and courses on the Ministry of Youth, Education, and Sports website in Monaco. The award can pay for anything from 40 percent to 100 percent of the price of the degree.
  • The recipients of the second type of scholarship are students studying at a distance or in a foreign country. These college students are classified as living alone. The full cost of education may be covered by these grants. In addition to attending school, applicants must be working at least 15 hours each week. Citizens of Monaco will be given priority (i.e. they have the higher quota for the awards).

4# Scholarship Awards by the Monaco Foundation:

Prince Albert II of Monaco funds these scholarships. These scholarship grants are intended to encourage investigation into environmental research. This scholarship is available to students and researchers working in the fields of ethical and technical breakthroughs.

This scholarship grant will help defray the price of participation in a climate change management course. The purpose of the scholarship is to teach students from developing nations about the effects of climate change. The allotted funds can only cover 20 grants. The information the students get from this course will help them cope with and mitigate the effects of climate change on the environment.

Engr Razia jee

Engr. Razia Jee is a distinguished senior engineer at Saudi Aramco, having achieved her MS and PhD through fully funded international scholarships. Beyond her technical contributions, she passionately mentors students on how to secure scholarships for studying abroad. With a commitment to fostering global education opportunities, Razia combines her extensive experience and insights to guide aspiring scholars towards achieving their academic and professional goals.

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