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Norway Paying High Salaries Compared to Canada and USA

Norway's Salary Edge Over Canada and the USA

Opting to work in Norway offers a unique blend of high living standards, with high salaries, good healthcare & education system and social benefits. I think this will be a wise idea to find a high paying job in Norway because of its consistently low unemployment rate (around 3.6% as of August 2023 – Ref) and one of the highest GDP per capita of US$80833 globally as of Aug 2023 (Ref).

Norway provides job security and financial stability. Additionally, Norway’s universal healthcare system, funded by high taxation of 39.5% as of August 2023 (Ref), ensures access to quality medical services without the burden of hefty healthcare costs. Compared to the US and Canada, Norway’s average working hours per week are notably lower with much higher salaries contributing to a healthier work-life balance. The country’s Gini coefficient, reflecting income equality, is also commendably low, underscoring Norway’s commitment to a more egalitarian society.


Average Salaries in Norway in 2023

I think you should be well informed about how much salary potential is there in Norway’s employment market based on average salaries there and then you will be able to make your decision about whether to move to Norway or not in 2024.

Average Salary of Foreigners in Norway:

As per my research (Source: SSB) average monthly salary for first-generation immigrants in Norway was recorded to be around NOK 45,130. To convert this amount to US dollars, you can use the exchange rate prevailing on that date. As of October 5, 2023, the exchange rate was approximately 11.02 Norwegian Kroner (NOK) to 1 US Dollar (USD). So, using this exchange rate:

NOK 45,130 / 11.02 ≈ USD $4095

Therefore, the average monthly salary for first-generation immigrants in Norway, as of October 5, 2023, is approximately $4095 in US dollars.

Average Salary in Norway for everyone:

As of the second quarter of 2023, the average wage in Norway is 54,000 Norwegian Kroner (NOK) per month, which is equivalent to approximately US$4,929.886 Dollars (USD) per month as of Oct 5, 2023. Now, let’s compare the average wages in Norway to Canada and the United States:

  1. Canada: Avg monthly earnings in Canada in July 2023: US$3,466.024 per mon
  2. United States: Avg monthly earnings in the United States in August 2023: US$4,654 /mon

Now, comparing the average monthly salaries in these countries based on the latest records:

    • Norway: Approximately US $4,929.886 per month (Q2 2023 data).
    • Canada: Approximately US $3,466.024 per month (July 2023 data).
    • United States: Approximately US $4,654 per month (August 2023 data).

So from this above comparison study you can clearly witness that Norway is taking the lead in paying high salaries to their workers and this is why i wrote this article to share these statistics with you so that you can consider looking for jobs in Norway for your immigration purpose.


List of 3 Skill Shortage High Paying Sectors in Norway

Here are the top four compelling reasons to consider immigrating to Norway for employment opportunities in 2024. Norway stands out as a country offering high salaries, excellent living standards, breathtaking scenery, and a remarkable work-life balance (Reference:

Norway boasts a significant number of millionaires, with 5.5% of its adult population being millionaires, accounting for 0.3% of the global millionaire population (Ref). This statistic highlights the Norway’s potential for high-income employment opportunities (Ref).

  • Oil & Gas Sector Employment in Norway:

Norway is the 7th largest producer and 3rd biggest exporter of oil and gas globally, contributing 3% to international fuel consumption (Ref). Which also means to run this big setup you’d need skilled staff and therefore this oil & gas industry of Norway consistently requires professionals such as engineers, mining experts, fresh graduates, and operational staff so henceforth you must consider exploring job opportunities at leading Norwegian oil and gas companies like DNO Norge, Skandinavia, Equinor Energy, and ConocoPhillips.

  • Fishing and Aquaculture sector Employment in Norway:

Norway’s seafood exports exceeded NOK 151 billion in 2022, marking a historic high and a 25% increase from 2021 exports revenue (Ref). So therefore Norway also require skilled workers for its fish/aqua industry to make it more productive and profitable and this is why i highly recommend this sector of Norway to my international job seeker audience because its quite easy to land a job in fisheries sector of Norway where jobs are mostly available at Coast, Leroy, and Aqualifeservices.

  • Timber Industry:

Norway’s timber and pulp industry generated substantial revenue of 6.6 billion Norwegian kroner and therefore this Timber sector of Norway also produces employment opportunities for local and foreigner skilled workers in 2023 which means you can easily start your job search by exploring openings at companies like Allskog, Glommen Mjøsen Skog, Elopak ASA, and Norske Skog.


These reasons make Norway an appealing destination for those seeking rewarding careers, beautiful landscapes, and an exceptional quality of life in 2024.

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Engr. Razia Jee is a distinguished senior engineer at Saudi Aramco, having achieved her MS and PhD through fully funded international scholarships. Beyond her technical contributions, she passionately mentors students on how to secure scholarships for studying abroad. With a commitment to fostering global education opportunities, Razia combines her extensive experience and insights to guide aspiring scholars towards achieving their academic and professional goals.

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