Swansea University International Excellence Scholarships 2024

Are you an aspiring student looking to broaden your horizons and deepen your academic expertise at a global level? Swansea University proudly announces the opening of applications for the International Excellence Scholarships 2024. This initiative is dedicated to nurturing the talents of students from around the globe, offering a unique opportunity to excel in a vibrant academic community. Here’s everything you need to know to embark on your educational journey with us.

Scholarship Value

The financial award varies by region and study level, aimed at reducing the burden of tuition fees:

  • Undergraduate Scholarships: Up to £6,000, with £4,000 awarded in your first year and £2,000 in your second year, provided you maintain a 70% average in your studies.
  • Postgraduate Scholarships: Up to £4,000 for the duration of your postgraduate program.

These scholarships are designed not only to ease financial stress but also to recognize and reward your academic achievements and potential.

Application Process

Here’s how you can apply for the International Excellence Scholarships:

  1. Confirm Your Eligibility: The scholarships are tailored to different regions including Africa, South Asia, China, and the rest of the world. EU students will be considered based on their fee status (either UK or international), so it’s important to identify which category you fall into. You must have received an offer to study at Swansea University for an undergraduate or postgraduate program. Your scholarship application will be contingent on this offer.
  2. Gather Necessary Documents: Compile all required documents, including academic transcripts and any additional proofs of your achievements. If your transcripts do not show a GPA or average score, you’ll need to provide an official document from your institution that does.
  3. Complete the Correct Application Form: Each scholarship category has a specific application form based on your region and intended level of study. It’s essential to fill out the appropriate form to ensure your application is processed correctly.

For Undergraduate Students

  • Africa and Rest of the World: Deadline is August 30, 2024
  • South Asia: Deadline is July 1, 2024
  • China: Deadline is August 30, 2024

For Postgraduate Students

  • Africa and Rest of the World: Deadline is July 31, 2024
  • South Asia: Deadline is July 1, 2024
  • China: Deadline is July 31, 2024

Submit by the Deadline: Be mindful of the deadline specific to your scholarship category. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted, so plan accordingly.

One Application Rule: You can only submit one application, so choose the scholarship that best aligns with your academic profile and future goals.

By carefully following these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to potentially securing financial support and becoming part of Swansea University’s thriving international student community. Take this step with confidence, and prepare to enrich your academic and professional life at Swansea University.

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