University of Otago Coursework Master’s Scholarship 2024

Are you ready to elevate your educational journey in one of New Zealand’s premier institutions? The University of Otago is inviting ambitious students to apply for its Coursework Master’s Scholarship. This scholarship is tailored for driven individuals aiming to pursue coursework-based Master’s degrees, offering significant financial support to help you focus fully on your studies.

Scholarship Information

  • Value: NZ$10,000 (applied towards tuition and as a monthly stipend).
  • Duration: One-year tenure, must be utilized in the year awarded.
  • Part-time Study: Generally not permitted.

Eligibility for Coursework Master’s Scholarship

Open to both domestic and international students, the scholarship caters to those:

  • Enrolling full-time in a non-thesis coursework master’s program or,
  • Choosing a program with a minor dissertation or research component (less than 90 points).

Note: Students who have previously completed a coursework Master’s degree at the University of Otago are generally ineligible.

How to Apply for Coursework Master’s Scholarship

The application process involves a few steps:

  1. Secure Admission: Gain admission to your chosen Master’s program at the University of Otago.
  2. Departmental Nomination: Your department will review your eligibility and academic merit and may nominate you for the scholarship.
  3. Receive an Invitation: If nominated, you’ll be invited to apply through eVision, the university’s student portal.

Selection Criteria

Scholarship recipients are chosen based on academic merit and the recommendation of the respective department heads.


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