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Chinese Work VISA 2024 Application Process and Fee Requirement

Z Type Work VISA for China

Chinese Work VISA 2024 – Non-Chinese citizens are legally bound to apply for a Chinese Work VISA in order to start a job in China. After getting a job offer in China, the applicant would be needed to apply for a Chinese Z Type Work VISA. In this article, you will get yourself enlightened about how to apply for Work VISA for China.

The Chinese economy has experienced tremendous growth, leading to an increase in job opportunities for both locals and foreigners. However, the process of obtaining a work visa and residence permit can be quite tedious for foreign workers, despite the vast job opportunities available to them.

Given the high level of skill, focus, dedication, and long hours required in their work, it’s not surprising that surgeons top the list of highest-paid professions. The best-paid surgeons, including cardiologists and neurosurgeons, can earn up to 170,000 CNY per month if they work in top-rated hospitals in China.

Nevertheless, certain job roles have dominated their sectors and are earning the highest salaries. These include the jobs of doctors, sales executives for luxury goods, CEOs, CFOs, judges, lawyers, bank managers, computer software application engineers, advanced financial controllers, and fund managers to name a few.

If you’re tasked with leading huge organizations to success as the Chief Executive Officers (CEO)s, your monthly salary can range from 30,000 CNY to 103,000 CNY. Similarly, as CFO, your monthly salary can range from 28,000 CNY to 96,000 CNY.

Judges can receive a maximum monthly salary of 145,000 CNY in China, while top-tier lawyers can earn up to 120,000 CNY per month with allowances. Those who hold positions of high financial responsibility, such as bank managers and fund managers, can also earn as much as 110,000 CNY per month.

Do keep in mind that although these are the average salaries for the given jobs, your actual salary can vary tremendously depending on the city you work in, your level of expertise and experience, your age, and your employer.

Chinese Z-Type Work VISA: Requirements and Application Process

Prior to commencing work in China, foreign nationals must obtain a Chinese work visa (Z Type VISA) and a residence permit. A work visa grants a 30-day stay in China, during which the individual and their employer must apply for a residence permit for the duration of their stay.

Before you start your work VISA process, make sure that you check the following boxes to be eligible to apply:  You should have at least 2 years of experience in the field you’re applying in, you must be at least 18 years of age, and not have a criminal record, you must have a job offer from an employee in China and have a valid passport and other international travel documents.

To acquire a Chinese work visa, you can apply through SAFEA (The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs). This agency enables both the employer and foreign applicant to submit the required documents online. The visa application process is initiated in China by the employer, who submits the employee’s registration form and identification information.

Next, what you need to do is apply online for a Foreigner’s Work Permit Notice from outside of China. This work notice document is needed before the work visa can be acquired and is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social security of China. The following documents are required to obtain your work permit:

  • A scanned copy of your passport information page
  • Foreigner’s Work Permit application form
  • Verification of past employment
  • Copy of your job contract
  • Medical examination report from an authorized hospital
  • A recent passport-sized photo
  • Reference letter
  • A non-criminal record that has been translated and authenticated by the Chinese embassy
  • A copy of your bachelor’s degree translated and authenticated by the Chinese embassy
  • TEFL/ TESOL certificate translated and authenticated by the Chinese embassy.

Once SAFEA has gone through all of the documents and is satisfied with them, you will be required to submit a hard copy of all the documents.

Next, you need to apply for a Z-class visa at a Chinese embassy or consulate. To apply for the Z visa, you need a completed visa application form, one recent passport-sized photo, your actual passport, your work permit, and any other required documents. The other type of visa is the R visa; however, those are only reserved for high-level employees. After this, you will be required to turn in your work permit and visa application at the Chinese consulate or embassy and wait for a reply.

Once you receive your visa, you will then travel to China where you will work on getting your work and residence permit, both of which require you to get a medical verification and a temporary resignation with the police.

To acquire the work permit (a process that usually takes 10 days), you need to submit your passport, an ID photo, the police housing registration form, a medical report verification, and other documents from the company.

Next, you will acquire a resident permit from the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau by submitting your passport, police housing registration form, resident permit application form, ID photo, and original work certificate. Acquiring the resident permit takes about 7 business days.

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