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Poland Work VISA Types, Requirements, Application Process (Explained)

Poland offers various work visa types, from short-term work visa to longer stay work permits. Whether for seasonal tasks, or skill shortage jobs, or intra-corporate transfers, or permanent roles, there’s a work visa for Poland available and in this article you will get all the knowledge of Polish work visa types, its requirements, and application process.

Which Type of Poland Work VISA You Need?

Poland is a proud EU member, which means if you’re an EU citizen then for you working in Poland is a cakewalk – because EU citizens do not require Polish work visa (Ref)! But for those who are no-EU citizens, here are your options to get work visa for Poland (Ref).

In Poland, various work visa categories cater to different employment situations. The Type A Work Permit is specifically designed for foreigners who are directly employed by a Polish company. On the other hand, the Type C or E Work Permit is suitable for those professionals who are part of intracompany transfers. Additionally, for business-related travels within the Schengen Zone, one can opt for the Business Visa, either under the Schengen Visa C or D categories.

  1. Poland Type A Work Permit: Specifically for those jobs where there’s a shortage of local talent.
  2. Poland Type C/E Work Permit: For workers of international companies with a branch or operations in Poland.
  3. NOMAD Freelance VISA for Poland: A big shoutout to my freelancing buddies! If you’re looking for a country that’s light on the pocket, both in terms of living and operational costs, this VISA is going to be your match made in heaven.

Requirements to Apply for Poland Work VISA:

SO now lets discover requirements to apply for a Polish work visa! 🌍✈️ if you are planning to start new job or any work adventure in Poland then its going to be super exciting, and i am going to provide you with all the essential information that you will require to get an idea of what would be needed to submit your Poland VISA Application:

1# Focus on Basics: Grab the Poland visa application form, fill it out, and sign your signature on it.
#2 Selfie Time: Well, not really a selfie but you need a recent pic (no more than 6 months old) against a white backdrop. To get better idea think passport photo vibes.
3# Passport: Make sure it’s valid for at least three months. Oh, and keep two pages blank – because Polish immigration office will stamp their work visa on those two pages with exit/entry stamps! If you’ve had old passports, attach copies of any used pages.
#4 Who Are You Again?: Just a photocopy of your national ID card.
5# Ever had a visa heartbreak? 😢 If any embassy has ever turned you down, then you also need that visa refusal letter.
#6 Work Stuff: Grab your official “work permit” from Urząd Wojewódzki in Poland (your employer should’ve requested this for you).
7# An Invite from the Boss: A stamped and signed invite from your future Polish employer.
#8 Show Off Your Skills: Got work experience or skill certificates? Get them ready.
9# Bye-Bye Previous Job: A goodbye note (NOC) from your last employer.
#10 Fly Away: A copy of your airline reservation with your travel dates.
11# Health is Wealth: You’ll need travel medical insurance worth at least 30,000 Euros, covering the entire visa duration.
#12 Cha-Ching! 💸: Get your recent six months’ bank statements ready. Attach copies of your National Tax certificate for the past two years and any proof of income tax payment or salary slips, gather those up.
13# Home Sweet Home: Where you’ll be staying in Poland you need to add that address, contact details, and details of your new office in Poland.
#14 Family Matters: A Family Registration/tree Certificate might also be required.
16# Just So You Know: Polish Consulate might drop you a message asking for more stuff, just in case.

Submitting Your Poland Work VISA Application: Your Easy Way

Okay, deep breaths, everyone! Here’s some good news: You don’t have to navigate the intricate visa application process on your own. More often than not, your future Polish employer will handle the paperwork. Just keep all your documents handy, and remember there might be a VISA application fee (around Poland PLN 100), but many employers cover that as well.

There you go! After completing all these steps you’ll see yourself waiting for a Polish visa stamped on your passport and that will make you one step closer to your Polish dream.

🥂🇵🇱 #WorkInPoland

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